Congratulations!!  You are getting married!!!  

There is much to do as you prepare;

You may want to hire a Wedding Planner or find a good friend who is very good at this. These people can walk you through in order of priority.

My Suggestions are as follows:

1)  Settle the date.  This depends on your choice of venue and other considerations like your work, honeymoon plans, certain special guests to consider and so forth.

2)  Book your Wedding Officiant.  This is the credential minister who will officially marry you both and certify this to the State of Michigan (or your State).

How do you book a Wedding Officiant?  If you do not know a rabbi, priest, minister or pastor well, you would google Wedding Officiant.  There are a good number of persons qualified to officiate your wedding.  You will also find many persons from the Association of Professional Wedding Officiants,  The Knot, Thumbtack, Wedding Wire. Each will have recommendations from your State.

So, how do you choose one? I tell couples that the best idea is to look for these factors:

1)  How long has she/he been doing this work?  Experienced or not?

2)  Does she/he get 5-star reviews?  This is very important.

3)  Perhaps you might scan the list and make an initial contact regarding his/her availability of your chosen date without any other commitment.

NOTE:  Do not make a decision based on the Cost!!  This is very important.

So, now you have a shorter list.

Next, I strongly urge you at this point.  Make contact with the 2 or 3 that are experienced, get 5-star reviews and are available on Your Day.

Ask this: “Can the 3 of us meet and talk together before we make any further decision?”.

I am not talking about making a decision on the basis of a telephone conversation or email.

Instead, is this Wedding Officiant willing to meet with both of you at a neutral place like a McDonald’s, Starbucks, Panera, a local bar and so forth?

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