#1 This person will definitely want to meet with you and not depend on
emails/phone calls.
Hopefully, you have read my previous Blog #W101. So you know you are not making
a decision on the basis of Cost, but on experience, 5-star reviews, and the willingness
for your Officiant to meet with you both just to talk before further decisions are
made. And you have determined that this person is available on Your Day.
So, now with your very short list, you are both meeting with one of the Wedding
Officiants at say McDonald’s, Panera, Starbucks or some other neutral place. What
are you looking for?
First, you hope to find a friendly, outgoing person with whom you feel comfortable.
Next, you get to talking: you may want to explore such details as: What are the
basics that we MUST have? Can we write our own vows? Are there other vows that
couples use? What about our children in the ceremony? What about the readings and
Scripture? How can we involve a special person in the ceremony? Can we have a
non-Christian ceremony? Can I have a Christian ceremony? Have you worked with
other cultures and beliefs structures? Can you do a “mixed religions” ceremony?
What about the Marriage License? Should we have a rehearsal? What about same-sex Marriages?
(The answer is yes). Can you do a simple, quick ceremony? Can we
do a simple quick now and then the Wedding at some time down the road? What
happens if you or one of us is sick on Our Day? Can we sign a contract with you?
What about adding a Hand Fasting Ceremony? Should we use the Unity Candle or
the Salt Ceremony? I saw_____________________at a friend’s wedding so could we do
If you both feel comfortable about the person and the answers to the questions, you
should book right then. If you are unsure, graciously thank the Officiant and get
back to book hire or not as soon as possible.