Frequently Asked Questions

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Do we need an officiant?

Yes, everyone needs a qualified person to officiate

Does the Officiant have special training?

Yes, they do. And it is best to have one that is licensed, ordained and credentialed.

What does an Officiant do?

She/He will conduct/officiate the ceremony for vows and so forth, then certify that to the County Clerk thereby legalizing your marriage.

How do we find an officiant?

Google is and take your choice.

Can we write our own vows?

With me, Annette, you can do so. And I have many sample vows for you to look at.

How early should we arrange for an officiant?

As soon as possible in order to get the date you have selected for your Wedding.

What about the marriage license?

You go together to the Country Office where you live. Both bring Birth Certificates. They will give details to you, you pay the fee and receive the Marriage License which is good for your State. This is good for 30 days. This must be given to your Officiant before the Wedding. She/He will get your witnesses and you both to sign, then send it to the Country Office. This makes you officially married!!

How do we make a selection?

Do not make a decision based on fees. Instead, contact one or two and listen to what she/he asks. If this person asks to meet with you both just to talk so you can make a decision, this is very good. When talking together you will feel good about working together.